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Backlit Film
Backlit Film
Backlit Film
Backlit Film

Backlit Film

We can print backlit posters or duratrans posters up to 80′′ wide by whatever length you need. Backlit posters are the medium of choice for lightboxes or any application that you’d like to light from behind. We print on backlit film using eco-solvent inks that produce stunningly rich and vibrant prints that last 40 times longer than other prints, are scratch and water resistant, and can withstand direct UV sunlight for years to remain bright and vivid.

Backlit prints are perfect for airport signs, movie theater boxes, menu displays, bus stops, backlit graphics, exhibits, posters & photos and window presentations.

Pick-up only! Please inquire if shipping is needed.

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In order to take advantage of our SAME DAY PRINTING policy, you MUST have your artwork submitted with payment before 10.00AM EST. Pick-up Only Please give us a call at 1-800-830-0567 or Email us at

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